Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Need a Mac Mapping Application for your Tom Tom?

Have a MAC, a GPS system, but no real/reliable mapping software? Don't despair. Routebuddy is here. Routebuddy is a GPS-enabled mapping solution for Mac computers that enables users to plan their trip at their home or office on their Mac, and transfer the data to their GPS device.

Here are just a few of the many features provided by the RouteBuddy Application:

* Downloading and Uploading Waypoint, Route and Track data
* Searching Map data with FastSearch
* Recording live GPS data and tracking your route
* Connect multiple GPS devices to your Mac
* Open several RouteBuddy Map pages at once
* Viewing and Printing full-screen maps
* Smooth Synching of your data with your GPS device
* Buying Road mapping for Worldwide countries
* Exchanging RouteBuddy map data with other users
* Harnessing the power of Google Earth® and Google Maps® from within RouteBuddy
* Share Geocache and other location data
* Import Geotagged URLs from the major online map services
* Add useful Meta Data to your Maps and Waypoints
* Post RouteBuddy URLs online to share with other users

The application costs $99.50. A fully functional trial version is available from the company.

via [RouteBuddy]


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