Tuesday, July 25, 2006

GPS Tracking of Child Sex Offenders

A program to monitor sex offenders will be effective starting September 1st in Iowa. The abduction and killing Jetseta Gage, a 10-year-old girl, last year prompted the Legislature to pass a law requiring closer monitoring of child sex offenders. Lawmakers provided $2.4 million for the adoption of a new system.

Lawmakers were enragede after they learned the man suspected in Gage's murder was a registered sex offender. The new system is the result. The device will record a sex offender's location and alert the program's staff when offenders enter a forbidden area or violate their curfew.

With GPS monitoring, authorities will know if a violator gets too close to schools, day care centers or playgrounds. Local law enforcement officers or parole agents will respond to suspected violations, Sherzan said.

"This will allow us to track them down 24-7 in real time," Sherzan said. "We will notify the appropriate individuals when we believe there's a violation."

Sherzan said the plan is to place all child sex offenders on the GPS monitoring system. Iowa has more than 6,000 registered sex offenders.

As far as I'm aware New York State has no plan (and probably none in the future). Too bad it has more than triple the number of sex offenders as Iowa - a whopping 20,969.

Story Source: FoxNews

Number of sex offenders: Project SafeKids


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i feel that g.p.s.tracking is great. I am looking forward to the day that all people are inplanted with inplants chips.So we can really put,all violater in jail.or off the street.speeder,drug addicts,alcoholist,and all parts of the criminals elements.Out of our society.no criminals of any types 0 tolerance. Signed: Mr.Brooks

Saturday, July 26, 2008  

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